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Dangers of Pokemon Go

The new Nintendo game Pokemon Go has taken the nation by storm. While there are some positive aspects of the game (getting the kids off the couch), there are very real dangers as well. A very basic explanation of the game is as follows: the game is designed for mobile devices which activates the camera and has the user on a hunt for virtual monsters/rewards in the real world. Players can also create what the game calls “lures” to attract other players to a location for a rare or specific reward. This is where we at Innocent Eyes see a very real danger for our youth. Predators can use the rewards to lure players to locations and just wait for the victims he or she likes. Players can also meet other players in the game and play together. We will try our best to keep you posted of news and law enforcement encounters. Stay Tuned

Watch this video by Inside Edition:

Here is a story written by that is much more in depth

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