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A Teens View of the Dangers they Face Daily

Our world has been taken over by technology. In today’s society our children are stuck in front of a wide range of screens and to us it seems harmless, but can furthermore lead to future damage.

As parents you try to control and manage what your child views, actively plays, and is apart of online. Parents think they do a proficient job at this, but what happens when you buy your kid the brand new game he or she has been wanting for a while now. Harmless right? You set it up and based on the age of your child you think it is just fine. Well there are things parents are unaware of and need to begin paying attention too regarding our children and their safety.

Every game nowadays has a multiplayer option where you can mass communicate with others all around the world playing that game. How easy is it for your child to begin a dialogue with someone who is friendly and poses as a child of the same age online? No one can see who is on the other side of the screen, all you can see is what they are typing to you or even what they are saying if they use headsets. It is very easy to trick children of young and immature ages online especially if you are an adult that uses their level of intelligence to lure your children.

Online Games are just one of the problems in today’s society. It is social media. Social media is the source and hot spot for child predators. This is something all of us are victims of using on a daily basis in this generation.

It is beyond our control what our teenagers do online, especially when we are not with them. Teenagers are very easily persuaded when it comes to social media along with many other programs across the web.

A seemingly gorgeous girl sends a friend request to your 14 son or even better directly messages him wanting to be friends out of the blue. What do you think your defenseless and not fully mature child would do? As parents we know a lot, but are still shut out from what our children experience online and what they go through as children discovering new things.

Cyber bullying and inappropriate content that is just one easy click away from our child is a real danger that is slowly beginning to get realized, but is still in the dark and stronger than ever. Cyber bullying is not always the big cases you think of, but can range from a simple nudging at your child and trying to aggravate, to bigger and more serious threats. “What can we do about this?”, that is the question every parent asks to prevent their child from falling victim to all of these elements online.

Join innocent eyes today in the ongoing battle against all things evil online that are plaguing our youth. View true events and updates on the most recent problems our children and teens face online today, and how you can help put a stop to the unsafe environment our kids are facing daily.

Written by:
Carter Duff

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