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Welcome to the Innocent Eyes website.  We are a 501(c)(3)Non-Profit organization incorporated in the state of Mississippi.  Innocent Eyes was established by two former special agents of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force with a combined total 40 years of law enforcement experience.

Countless hours spent conducting online investigations and hundreds of Internet predator arrests taught Innocent Eyes founders Chris Duff and Toby Aguillard that the problem of online sexual exploitation of children is of epidemic proportions. Duff and Aguillard still work hand and hand with several local and federal law enforcement agencies to bring these evil criminals to justice. Working so close with law enforcement also allows for the continued knowledge of the dangers our youth, parents, and educators face in the daily war on child exploitation. ( List of schools, companies and law enforcement agencies IE Founders have taught: )

The battle against these evils also includes supporting legislation of any kind that protects children.  Unfortunately statutes often don’t protect children from sexual predators and allow criminals back on the street to commit these crimes again.  Far too often, these outrageous crimes against children could have been prevented if only the crimes against abusers would mandate stiff minimum sentences which do not allow for a slap on the wrist by a lenient judge.

This was the case when Duff and Aguillard first began conducting Internet predator investigations in Louisiana.  For years, Louisiana had no Internet predator statute on the books.  However, in 2005 Louisiana State Representative Hunter Greene authored a bill that would become Louisiana’s Internet Predator Statute.

Duff and Aguillard were instrumental in drafting the language of the statute and testified before the state legislature’s Criminal Justice Committee prior to the bill becoming law.  Now Louisiana boasts having one of the toughest Internet predator statutes in the United States.  (Computer aided solicitation of a minor for sexual purposes, Louisiana Revised Statutes Title 14: Section 81.3)  And to no one’s surprise, an investigation conducted by Chris Duff lead to the first arrest under the new Internet predator statute in August of 2005.

Innocent Eyes was established to promote a culture of zero tolerance of online sexual exploitation of children, while providing the education and tools necessary to combat the evils of online child enticement and child pornography.