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Presentation for elementary students will include:

  • Identifying online dangers – teaching the children to recognize online threats
  • Understanding the dangers of posting identifying information
  • Instruction on never arranging a face to face meeting with someone they only know online
  • Teaching children to never respond to messages that are suggestive, obscene, threatening, or make you feel scared or uncomfortable
  • Demonstrating that people online may not be who they seem and that everything you read online may not be true

This presentation will be interactive with the children and will provide practical online safety instruction with online demonstrations and real life case stories.  Instructor’s will combine a PowerPoint presentation, video clips, and live online activity.

Presentation for high school students will include:

  • Empowering this generation of young adults to help protect the younger generation.  (and in the process protect themselves)
  • Understanding how serious Cyber Bullying can be and the legal as well as life altering effects can be.
  • Discussing the dangers of sharing personal information in social networking sites such as
  • Identifying why social networking sites are the perfect place for online predators to meet there prey
  • Recognizing the grooming techniques of online predators
  • Sharing real life stories of students their ages who became victims to online predators
  • Teaching students the dangers of cell phone text messaging and how predators use the new teen’s obsession against them.
  • Understanding cyber stalking and the consequences of posting threatening and harmful messages online
  • Knowing that university and potential employers use online posting when considering potential candidates

This presentation will be serious discussion with the students about online dangers.  A PowerPoint presentation will be used combined with video testimony from victims of online predators.  Instructors will demonstrate the real dangers to the students through online activity and real case stories.  Students will leave this presentation more aware of the dangers that surround them online and willing to assist parents in protecting their younger siblings and friends.

Presentation for adults will include:

  • Discussion on the extent of online dangers to children
  • Identifying the relationship between online predators and child pornography
  • Understanding why the Internet is a pedophiles paradise
  • Reviewing specific incidents of online predator activity in our area

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