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Innocent Eyes/Legislation

In 2005 Innocent Eyes founders assisted Louisiana State Representative Hunter Greene who authored a bill that would become Louisiana’s Internet Predator Statute.

Duff and Aguillard were instrumental in drafting the language of the statute and testified before the state legislature’s Criminal Justice Committee prior to the bill becoming law.  Now Louisiana boasts having one of the toughest Internet predator statutes in the United States.  (Computer aided solicitation of a minor for sexual purposes, Louisiana Revised Statutes Title 14: Section 81.3)  And to no one’s surprise, an investigation conducted by Chris Duff lead to the first arrest under the new Internet predator statute in August of 2005.

In 2012 Internet Eyes founders assisted Louisiana State Representative Valerie Hodges in drafting and presenting the Bill that became Louisiana’s statute mandating Internet and Cell Phone Safety Education in Louisiana public schools. (LRS 17:280 Internet and cell phone safety education)